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Default Re: BILL AND KERRY--ground crew asks,"where are you? "

Originally Posted by quest View Post
i am really sorry to say, but this almost sounds a kinda arrogant to me.
there are no doubts about problems i think.
solving, and to what paying attention to, focus on, directing energy towards, that to me is of importance.

fairly know what's going on? do you, we, who does? i thought for a big portion it is up to us, here and now. so what do you want to put focus on, who are we serving here?

Umm im speaking for myself here. But being part of this community dont mean i have to serve anyone.

What Bill and Kerry do is all good and well but i put in just as much work and effort into this line of research as they do. Im following no persons lead here, i'll lead myself thank you very much.

So please rephrase that to "Who am 'I' following here" because brother, you follow whoever you like, just dont lump me into that little category.

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