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Hi, there's lots of talks about the Solar Flare influence on the electromagnetic field of the Earth, at you find explanation about how this works and what these Solar Flares do. With images. Also you can see there, every day, what the activity on the Sun is. And about the Suncycles concerning these Flares. I don't know about low voltage being influenced by the Solar Flares. What I know is, that it has happened before, that the electrical system was busted in the USA by a complete meltdown of the transformators in central electricity places. On Project Camelot, whistleblowers talk about the high probability of such a melt down in the near future, because they know electricians that are quite worried about this.
You could ask at Spaceweather, about the low voltage, maybe. For me it's new, to hear that electricity is involved in using solar energy, I mean, is it used in the energy storing process? I must admit I am quite unfamiliar with Solar energy, I have a battery uploader on Solar energy, that's all. I live in an apartment with 2 homes above me and as my home is a rental, I cannot install Solar Panels. Do you know about a system that's been developed, that involves a foil (thin layer) kind of stuff, that you can stick on wherever you want it? Anyway, you can lower your energy costs by making a box with an old sleeping bag and make a slow cooking device, where you only bring food to a boil and then put it in there. Use no superficial cloth as it will melt when in contact with a hot pan. An old woollen blanket will also do.
Well, this was some old wise woman advise for you, enjoy the new year 2010 cheers and kind regards, Marian.
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