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Default Re: Solar Panels and CME

No-one really knows.

A full blast EMP - such as caused by CME or Nuke - induces electricital force in wires. The longer the wire the more this happens - if the wire is long enough the voltage spike (along with sufficient current) is enough to burn out circuits that were not designed to cope with such surges.

Low voltage systems tend to have thicker cables to cope with the correspondingly higher currents, I would say these would be more likely to survive any surges.

Some solar panels have thin wires between the cells, others have thick tracks of solder. I'd say the latter would be more robust.

Longer cable runs = higher probability of problems.

There are lots of reasons why you should have some non-electrical systems in your backup plans. CME/EMP are low down the list of reasons, but I suppose they do have to be there if you are being comprehensive.

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