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Default Re: BILL AND KERRY--ground crew asks,"where are you? "

With regards this quote:

Resources (oil, minerals, water, food) are becoming depleted and scarce. The world's population is growing at the rate of an additional city per day. All this would be worrying enough if the world's leaders were actually trying to handle these problems, but they are not: they are obsessed with perverted ideas of destiny and power and regard you and me as pawns on a giant chessboard to be sacrificed at will.

There is a Russian theory that oil regenerates... so plastics are ok. Water can be used as a fuel.

Minerals: With recyclying this could be addressed or live with less.

Water: The planet is mostly water!!!! This is not the case!
Water can be distilled from sea water... I am coinvinced there are free energy devices out there so.. this isn't an issue. Also cars can be run on water if engineered to do so.

Food: Free energy and water should sort this out too..!! We just need to invest in it rather than war. Desserts can be turned back to forests slowly.

I am not convinced I'm supposed to run to the hills and hide in a cave... yet
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