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Default Re: Faraday Cages (Build it!!)

Ok, much to the annoyance of my neibours and for the good of man and testing ideas ( which I love to do ), i built a unit.

Dug a hole, popped a 6 foot copper plumbing pipe into it , hammered it in (big hammer needed as ground is solid ), left about 2 to 3 inches above ground.

Cardboard box, 3 times wrapped in roasting tin foil, with a wind of copper electrical wire between the wrappings and protruding about 6 inches.over lapping all seams, taped seams to hold together. Lid of box was internally overlapped with foil, to try and ensure a good connection with the outside foil.

Joined all copper wires together, crock clip with a copper 30 Amp cooker wire connected was clipped to the box copper wire.

Other end of the crock clip wire was terminated with a big battery charger style crock clip. This connected to the copper plumbing pipe sunk in the ground, ( appologes to neighbours ), placed a radio with radio 1 tuned in on fm, nothing, no signal, no tunes.

Placed my mobile in there, no ring.

I think this is the way to go folks, tried, tested and verified by me.

Crazy inventor and designer extra nutty professor ammit. lmao

Works guys try it..
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