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Default Faraday Cages (Build it!!)

Sorry if this has been done already, but I feel that we need more insight into building these items to atleast try and protect any equipment we may need in the event of an emp of any sort or even nuclear waves.

What I have found out so far is:
It does need to be grounded
Mesh is not needed as just covering a box with aluminium foil would do the job
A filing cabinet would work great ( apparently ), as long as all items as with any faraday cage are sat on a non conductive material
If you choose to use mesh for your faraday cage, then the mesh holes need to be correct for the wavelength you are trying to block, Wavelength = rate of travel(300,000,000 m/s) divided by the frequency
No, Microwave ovens will not work as I have tested mine
If you want to test your faraday cage, use a radio tuned to fm, VHF spectrum (30-300 MHz). If you cannot recieve radio across this band then you have done all you can and are supposedly protected.

Can anyone add to this? or even correct anything I have researched.


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