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Default Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

January 2010

For most of our students, we saw the last three months of 2009 as being fairly liberating. The exploration of the Chief Negative Features become emphasized during October, November, and December, and last year’s tended toward Impatience and Martyrdom. What we saw happening over 2009 was a genuine exploration of Flow, the Goal of last year, that allowed for a serious examination of how one deals with the challenges of life when there is a lack of control and power; in this case, a lack of control and power over time and often your space, those qualities linked to Impatience and Martyrdom, respectively. What could have turned into rather devastating and intense final few months of the year were met, instead, with resolve, patience, flexibility, pause, and reflection. However difficult the past year was, we have seen most of our students having brought a sort of softness to the process, a kind of trust, and an authentic surrender to those things that are simply not within the immediate control of the Personality.

This pattern of reflection, pause, and gentle flexibility is helping to confidently launch 2010 into its Goal of Dominance, a clear indication to us that many are ready to direct the experiences of the next year, instead of simply “dealing with them.”

The Goal of Dominance is an effort to generate a state of management over various factors, facets, and elements that are intended for alignment toward the same accomplishments, satisfactions, fulfillments.

The Positive Pole of Dominance is LEADERSHIP. This is the state that draws out of all factors, facets, and elements a clear path toward fulfillment of a shared goal, and is the provision of the necessary tools for that to be accomplished. Leadership is an invitation in a certain direction that is adaptable, and the support of those factors, facets, and elements in that direction. Leadership is the capacity for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the parts necessary for fulfillment of a direction, and the organization of those accordingly.

The Negative Pole of Dominance is DICTATORSHIP. This is the state the imposes a direction upon various factors, facets, and elements necessary for fulfilling an intention, with punishment or collapse as a result of any straying from that direction. Dictatorship is a demand that has no room for negotiation, and has no concern for the various strengths that may come from one factor over another, simply assigning tasks and functions as needed, rather than with any strategy. Dictatorship is a loss of awareness of the process and a blindness by the anticipation for the end result.

Over January, we see that many of our students are jump-starting their lives again in a way that requires access to new sources of Inspiration. For those who might exemplify Dominance in the Positive Pole, this access to new sources of inspiration would not be something that is going to show up as an active process as much as it might show up as a practice in awareness. This would be a form of Leadership, in that an assessment period is first, before any actual direction is concluded. For those who might exemplify Dominance in the Negative Pole, this access to new sources of inspiration would be expected to have already become clear, and there is an eagerness to simply get to where one wants to go, figuratively or literally. This might show up as agitation, annoyance, and scattered distraction as end result becomes more important than the steps necessary for fulfillment.

What we can suggest for most of you is to keep in mind that this is a SAGE year, so when there is a tendency toward Negative Poles, it would do you well to LISTEN. Often the static and chatter of the brain and over-anticipations can leave one with a deficit of focus and an overabundance of misdirected energy. Listening is a means of activating your senses in a way that pays attention to feedback around you, pays attention to internal voices, hints and clues from your world around you. Listening would help you to embrace your sense of inspiration and direction, and allow you to clearly see who or what is on board in the interest of the same direction and end result, keeping you in Leadership, instead of Dominance.

If you feel you would like to “make a difference” in the year ahead, or that “this is the year” that you would like to alter directions for any level of your being, the energy is full force for this to occur, and with great support. However, this will require some amount of delicate handling of energy in a way that can be used in the way you intend, instead of scatter-spraying your intentions outwardly and hoping something of satisfaction comes from that.

There is little passivity showing up in the months ahead, so it may be important to take your moments of rest seriously, allowing those moments to be full, deep, and invigorating, rather than squeezed in, or done with guilt.


NEXUS – January 11 – 13 focused on pivoting toward Agreements involved with personal tasks


WHEN I AM LOST, I WILL LISTEN – This is simply a reminder that when feeling scattered, hyper, or agitated, it may simply be because you are missing the details in the information and communication coming to you from around you. Listening may bring you the insights and connection to your inspiration again, which would help balance your energy in a way that allows for a focus of direction again.

THE Michaels thru TROY
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