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Default Re: Baby, Young, Mature, Old Souls ... Michael Teachings

Originally Posted by mkspllmn View Post
How much have you spent on the Michael (which is also my name) teachings so far?

I am buying into the principal so far, I just want to follow the money.
i've been aware of it, for over 25 years
the first book i got, was a present
today, you can read a lot of stuff for free online
just search "michael teachings"

likely, as much as $30/month,
and, as little as NOTHING

sometimes, they have live events
online, and, then, i donate $10/or $15 to the person
who channelled the information

it is a pay to play - type of world

i've learned a lot from the study of this eXpanding teachings
of "The Michaels" about myself, and, about others...
and, i love their attitude that 'all is choice' ~ it rings true to me
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