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Default Re: can you FORGIVE us?

You know... it's worth bumping this thread... because I can see it slide idly into oblivion, while postings about the doings of the American administration and advance civilisation and all that claptrap you already know about because you've been mopping it up for the last year or so are riding high at the top of the Avalon hit parade.

So take a moment to ask yourself, who have you forgiven today ?

Forgiveness requires action, and reading about the various ends of the world in different scenarios only requires your attention and your energy to invest in hopelessness.

So c'mon... get with the love program. It's provable. Tell someone you love them, they feel great! You tell someone you forgive them - you feel better.

You read about Israel planning a war with Iran, how does that make you feel? Or about the American military moving into Haiti and making it into a large deep sea oil terminal ? Not good.

Bad news sells papers. Avalon seems to be no different. Watch all those really great and earnest posts slide away and drop off into the darkness.

This was one great heart thread I really enjoyed today. When it slips off the radar, will you come back here? Will you remember what was said?

Will we learn to forgive, too? Do you forgive Bush? Do you forgive Blair? Do you forgive the Illuminati?

Only when we can learn to forgive will we move forward, and the duality of right and wrong will become the unity that is love.

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