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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

The ego is just a dimensional frame of reference (coordinates) from wich the observer (consciousness) sees experience. It is needed, and required, if you really wanna experience humanness fully; it is needed, it is required, if you wanna experience something in the first place, no matter what, even your illusory idea of "egoless" state, no matter if you lose your boundaries temporarily, you are still where you started, in the point of an observer. That ego can travel (change coordinates), and change the thing experienced, in time, space, and dimensionality, and probably beyond, of that what i can imagine. Force of will do so. You dont trascend your ego, you change it. You experience metamorphosis as blissful depending on the nature of the transformation. You are your responsability, you are ego manifested, then power is the manifestation on the degree of accountability you put on it, the less if you separate yourself from it, the more if you take charge to change what you dislike of it.

The ego is the possibility of being a source inside a source inside a source, period, infinity´s mirror.
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