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Question Re: An interesting task for somebody

Hello Brinty,

Is the "disclosure" effort limited to alien presence and high level NWO/Illuminati issues? The numbers are much greater at the bottom of the food chain. No interest was expressed in a key tactic that affected my entire family including my daughters who were led to believe I had adult onset "mental health problems". Frankly, with ADHD and being stalked with a very strange psyop, it was not difficult being I was advised to not tell them anything while literally freaking out with a very well done threat to my oldest daughter. Both were bad-jacketed and mercilessly mobbed with teacher assistance. Then found out via the Coalition to Abolish the Slave Trade this is a mechanism to induct young ladies into the "White Slave Market".

Needless to say this deeply embedded mechanism in America for outing a perceived threat was news to me. Now Dr. Alan Sabrovsky has released similar info used to control the military.

Have you received an invite to the new forum? There seems to be a lot of posting in the other forum, but then I see you, a definite long timer and non-dirt thrower, still posting, it becomes obvious there are older members than I in the same boat.

My question on this issue was routed to the translation group for volunteering time and I apparently wrongly assumed this was part of the new model.

What a shame that all those hours spent researching and posting on various issues will not be part of the new forum database.

Thanks for any info.


Originally Posted by Brinty View Post
I feel it would be interesting to ascertain what percentage of the population is actively involved in any level of the disclosure effort. Once a percentage is arrived at, then try and ascertain what percentage of the overall population die accidental deaths. Finally, ascertain what percentage of active disclosure folk die "accidental" deaths and see if there is any relationship between the two.

The outcome may shed light on some conspiracy theories and therefore, whether these theories are justified.

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