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Default Re: An interesting task for somebody

Hi Brinty, as far as concerning conspiracy theories, by the nature of those theories it is difficult to find facts that are convincing, I think. It's the use of our common sense and discernment that counts, I think. And not step into the fear seduction. I recently stumbled upon an ebook "Allies of Humanity" explaining why disclosure on a large scale isn't going to work. For either side, planet Earth or ET's. I am just offering this information for a look from a different angle. Also the ebook by Alex Collier "Defending sacred grounds" is a valuable source, to be able to understand how we, on planet Earth, are viewed by outsiders or "we, in another timeline" if you believe in the future already being here, considering advanced civilisations in the Universe.
How can you grasp your reality when you are an Orang Utan visiting New York for the first time? There's no reference data, apart from seeing a banana in a fruitstall.
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