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Default Chemtrails and Respiratory Defense

Hello All,

As of yesterday morning, I've been seeing a new wave of chemtrails in the sky, and I've noticed that it seems to be heavier than what I saw late August. It's not darker or black as some are reporting, but it looks as if maybe something different is being used or an increased dosage of the same agent. There seems to be a lot more spraying as well.

After this morning, I would say the spraying is being done at around 4:00am or 5:00am. Hell, this morning I noticed a double crossing of freshly made chemtrail paths right above my home. Lovely, I have more enemies.

Back in August I contacted the FAA, and plan to do so this time. Perhaps a local division as well, and I will explain why shortly. This may matter little and all coincidence, but I noticed after that call I stop seeing the chemtrails...Well, at least during the day. However, I would encourage you to do the same, if you're seeing the chemtrails. The chances of the person you contact rather phone or email will believe you is beside the point, but it's the awareness you create. That person will very likely find themselves looking up at the sky more often. It's a ripple effect. They may pass it on to a supervisor as well, etc, etc.

Now, with the Chemtrails exposure, there are actions we can take to help maintain our health against that being reported globally. The consistent issue has been connected to the respiratory system. Therefore, what my family will be focusing on doing is consuming natural foods or supplements that promote a strong respiratory system (fish, vegetables, whole grains, pure water and fruit) and high grade zeolite which removes the metals (found in chemtrails). MMS removes metals as well, but not sure if it removes barium or aluminum. Perhaps I will visit the mmsadvisor site.
All of these and others you can research are FDA recognized as generally safe (although what the FDA approves seems to constantly surface as most dangerous to us) for use.

Just got to thinking about all of the reports and identifying proactivity to help defend against this exposure, and wanted to pass it along. Is it a cure?...No, but it helps.
I'm sure there's more and many of you may be able to add, so please feel freee.
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