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Originally Posted by King Lear View Post
A good picture Andre

But Usaine Bolt is a cheater, tell me what you want.
In 2000 everyone believed that Marion Jones is a super-human and now she's in prison.

If Jamaica would have the same Anti-Doping controls as other countries no gold medal would have gone to Jamaica.

Look what happened to Greece and Bulgaria, and even to the USA.

Sorry for that.

But your picture looks nice.
No problem.

It is quite understandable given the times that he has posted that many would think that he is taking drugs. Personally, I think his feats are quite phenomenal, but I don't really take Track and Field that seriously as I have lost faith in the Anti-Doping Programs controlled by the governing bodies.

That said, I still it would be prudent to establish his guilt through evidence first before distributing accusations. Bolt is worshiped like a God here, I do hope for his sake and the entire nation that he is clean.

But we shall see what we shall see.
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