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Hi guys, glad to see Im not the only one who's conscious of whats happening in the world today. As far as Andrew Alvarez, I also went to one of his conference and found he copied a lot of Alex Jones work. I didn't find any originality into it, except his report on DynCorp in Aguadilla. That was interesting. Alex Jones practically gives his documentarys away. Andrew charges way too much for his videos. I think he's just jumping on the New World Order ban wagon either to get attention or money.

First of all, we should be aware of HAARP technology. These hurricanes are acting way too different each year. I researched HAARP in the internet and found that our Radar in Arecibo is part of this program. People who don't do research on this will never find out. We should find out where they have underground bases here PR. Keep each other up to date on new findings and keep it real. This forum can be our survival tool for things to come. Glad to meet you guys...
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