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Default Re: Clearing Earthquake Triggers

Originally Posted by fil View Post
Greetings, People of Earth (and whomever else are monitoring this forum).

I have placed Earthquake Prevention on the calendar. This is an event originally created on Facebook just hours before the Chilean quake, to open discussion on how at least some earthquakes can be prevented.

Look here for substantial evidence on how and why the Haitian quake was triggered:

While listening to Kerry's January 28 interview with Duncan O'Finian, I heard them talking about some quakes they felt might be coming to California soon. Putting this together with what I've heard about military buildups in CA and what seem to be plans for the implementation of martial law there (from Duncan himself as well as others), somehow the date of April 1st came to mind.

April Fools' Day, I thought, would be a very effective date for a 'double whammy' set of triggered quakes in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Our traditions for that day would add to the confusion, and it falls close to a Full Moon (seismic activity is naturally more frequent and intense during tidal extremes, and triggered quakes are meant to be mistaken for natural ones). This is why the calendar event I have created extends to April 2nd.

If indeed such a thing is being planned, of course I have no way of really telling when. This is just a guess.

Duncan: "If it don't happen? Hallelujah."

So, what does getting this trigger action to stop entail? Good question...

As I understand it, earthquake triggering is done using some of the same equipment that is used to manipulate the weather. There are people (or, at least physical beings) using equipment to do these things. Can they be stopped?

Why not? No, don't answer that. They can.

But as with anything, conflict only adds energy. The energy behind those actions must be CLEARED.

Who will do this, and how, remains to be seen. Let's talk.

I am what you will call a "grid keeper" and I now that there are techniques that one can use to help Earth and prevent earth changes. The problem is that we are not that many and we are few and spread around

In you are interested in helping you can have a look at if you feel the "call" send me a private message or post on the Q & A section of the Keylontic Group

And I will happily share what can be done

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