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Default Re: Clearing Earthquake Triggers

Originally Posted by fil View Post
Greetings, People of Earth (and whomever else are monitoring this forum).

While listening to Kerry's January 28 interview with Duncan O'Finian, I heard them talking about some quakes they felt might be coming to California soon. Putting this together with what I've heard about military buildups in CA and what seem to be plans for the implementation of martial law there (from Duncan himself as well as others), somehow the date of April 1st came to mind.

Oh my.

I spent over a week in coo coo's nest just three months ago after entering an intense visionary state that involved earth changes (and making the mistake of telling my heartless, nazi older brother what I was experiencing). I've held back on some of the things I experienced as I don't want to freak anybody else out, but one thing can't be denied: people on the Ring of Fire are becoming apocalyptic. The dreams, visions, nightmares and other intuitive manifestations popping up must mean SOMETHING.

I wish I could could jump ship - leave Los Angels and swim to Canada or Australia, but finances, family commitment and lousy health have made that a further off goal. I don't know if we can really stop the earth from doing what it does, but we can try our best to be prepared.

Water, a purification filter, canned and dehydrated food, batteries... the basics. That's all I can think of right now. The spooky stuff.. I just can't go there right now. The Sylmar, Northridge and Landers quakes are still vivid memories.


I think it's time for some industrial strength chakra clearing for this puppy. I don't have the keys to the H.A.R.P. installations, but I can be a psychic battery in the greater family.

Thank you, Avalonians, for your life-giving energies. I can feel them as you read this!

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