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Default Re: Jesuit-Ruled CFR

This is interesting. But who rules the ones who rule the ones who rule the Jesuits who rule the CFR who rule the President who rules the military who police the world? Do you see my point? There's a hierarchy. Who is really, really, really at the tip-top of the pyramid? An alien from Sirius? The Prince of Sirius? Are we in Sirius trouble? If so...I doubt that the Jesuits or the CFR are happy about the situation. Don't hate the errand people. Don't even hate the errand aliens. This thing may go all the way back to the Pleiades (Heaven?), the Great Apostasy, War in Heaven, Draconian-Annunakian-Pleiadian War, Draconian-Annunakian-Pleiadian Theocracy, Lucifer and Fallen Angels, Aldebaran, Sirius, Mars, Venus, Earth's Moon, Deep Underground Military Bases, etc, etc. It probably doesn't do a helluva lotta good to rail against the evil Jesuits. They have their orders...and we may be in more trouble than we can possibly imagine. Is the United States a cancer growing on the Theocracy? Or is the United States an integral part of the Theocracy? As usual...just educated speculation.

Do all of these people take their orders from We the People and the Constitution? What do you think? Who really runs the United States of America? Hmmmmmmm...

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