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Default Established Community Seeks Additional People

Hi, I'm with a group calling itself Open Circle. Right now we spend most of our time in Culpeper, Virginia, but we also have rural land nearby in the Appalachian mountains (also in central Virginia), with deer and clean drinking water. If you're looking for people who are perfectly prepared materially for apocalyptic scenarios, that's not us, look elsewhere. But we do have some sustainable systems in operation on our land, we have plans for increasing our sustainability, and we're growing a large portion of our own food. Our top priority is nurturing trust and good interpersonal relations within our group, and with our neighbors and friends. If you believe as we do, that the qualities of being adaptable and working effectively as a team are key to survival during disasters, and are also desirable when there's no disaster, then I invite you to check out our entry in the online Communities Directory and contact us through the email link there:

(Our community's members are not believers in Project Camelot's far-out stuff, so please don't presume we all buy into it, or are even familiar with it. We think disasters are possible, but we are not certain any disaster is necessarily coming.)

I see new communities springing up, based on the example set by new pioneers. I see a network of such communities...

These communities already exist, and many of them are linked in networks. Check out

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