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Mine was in 1978, I was 7 at the time. Within the last year I had started getting tests done and was in the early stages of treatment for asthma when I had an attack that lasted through much of the night. It was around 5 am that my father took me to the hospital. They gave me an iv of something; I've had a few surgeries since and the feelings of the general anesthetic are similar to what I experienced then- giddiness, followed by chills, and shaking, then calm. In this case, I was very tired and went to sleep despite the medical staff trying to keep me awake. Hospitals are not the place to catch up on rest!

I felt that a period of time had elapsed when it started. I awoke seeing someone below, in a bed, with 4 or 5 of the medical staff around them. I felt a strange physical sensation as well, and when I realized this might not be a dream I was frightened and wanted to just go home. At that point I found that with a thought, I could just be somewhere, from memory. I was outside the kitchen window- we had a large patio door and there I was, but I couldn't get in.

From here the memories of the event kind of lose detail and order, it's been hard to remember these things in a linear fashion which makes it hard to explain. From this point forward I had no physical form, just a consciousness. I could see other people as they were in life, and I think they could see me the same way, but as is most of my dreams now, I have no physical body, just a point of perception.

There were people there in the darkness, who I met who had died but were stuck there. Even now I pray for these people because I felt as they did for a time; lost in the darkness, all alone.

At some point I met a man in an area that was somewhat like a castle, but this would be outdoors, in the sunlight, he wore a kind of robe. His eyes saw right through me and I felt a little uncomfortable in his presence, while knowing this was someone very important. Jesus?

I think it was after this, that I was advised not to return. The feeling I had was that something had gone wrong; I wasn't likely to reach my potential in this life, and it would be very difficult. They specifically mentioned that it would be very lonely, and hard. I asked for some 'previews' to help in my decision. One was a dark wood color with the grain pattern and all. This is where I would live. Another was of sitting on a modern passenger jet looking out the window and through the hair of a woman in front of me through the window there was a warm sunrise as we were in flight. The feeling was that I was with someone and "it was all worth it, it was right". That hasn't happened yet.

I do remember meeting family members and have confirmed through my parents' memories, that they would have likely passed on during that period, so that these were not childhood memories.

I got out of the hospital on Easter Sunday that year.

Since then I've had an interest in these things, as well as life elsewhere. I think this experience was likely the foundation for my interest in related topics.

Some years after, a friend asked me what happened to me when I was gone from school during those weeks. His perception of me was that I had changed, become more serious, less fun. I hadn't realized it, and it made me think for awhile after he had mentioned it.

I do have a memory which I believe isn't a dream but before birth, in consciousness form, in a darkened room with lots of others. We were about to embark on a journey and were being told what to expect. There were different colored lights all around in this room.

I think we choose a lot about our physical life before we come here- our parents, where we will live, the time, physical conditions, and there's a purpose to it.

These are all things that I've shared with very few people on a personal basis. It's difficult to talk about, and difficult for people who have not experienced it to understand or to accept.

Take care...
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