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Default Re: Astral Plane - A Reflection of Parallel Universes and Experiences

I honestly could talk for days about all the things I've seen and done, a lot of which some wouldn't believe. I'm not trying to be an egotist or anything. At one point I realized "dude, you're one of those 'freaks' you had been hearing about and totally didn't even know.....what a jackass!" I seriously thought all of it was just in my head and it all was just information for the past day and what you thought was going to happen the next day (which it is in a sense but every time is "now" there). The rest of the "anomalies" as I would even call them I explained away via subconscious recall or some BS like that, no matter how "fantastic" things got. Until I stopped being an egotistical dick and started reading into stuff I thought was "crazy" to try to figure out what was going on with so many things that had persisted for me all my life. I posted a video journal of the time I put all the wittings to the test to prove it to myself which re-awakened my soul so to speak. HERE

That was 7-04-07 and within the past year I've had some incredible stuff happen, but all my life I had been having these amazing AP experiences that I thought where just my escape into "happy land"... After I learned of the external implications, things have gotten much more interesting and so have the synchroncities.

The astral plane is a sweet subject though, is there somewhere in particular we should start? The AP is an infinite place afterall, so many choices
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