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Hi folks,

I had an OBE 6 or 7 years ago. When I came to the University, I started to live alone in a little flat. I had some time left from the courses and I found out through Internet different ways to meditate.
I was pretty curious, and spent much time to work it out. The first experiences were sweet but I found out quickly that we could reach really weird states of mind doing it intensely.
During that period of intense meditation, I had really vivid and real dreams while sleeping.
Once I got conscious into one of these dreams.
My body was still asleep but my mind woke up. I had never experienced that. As I was wondering what the **** was going on, a slight, remote sound started to swell into my ears. It got more and more strident and louder, like an alarm or a ring, till the point I felt my soul sucked out of my body.
I was ejected to the roof and I was hovering above my bed. Everything was dark and cold, I saw my arms, they were bleak. I started to take a fright at the dismal atmosphere set up in there.
Furthermore I didn't felt alone, and I caught a glimpse of a black body-like shape in front of the entrance. I should say I've never been so freaked out. I couldn't control my motion and I was drifting along the walls of my room.
Then my fears brought me back to my body. I woke up sweating a lot, watching all over me to be sure I was really alone.

It was both the worst and the most intriguing experience in my whole life. I know I'm affraid of dying, and I guess it played a lot in that experience.

I can know advice that you need to be a pure soul to do it, and to be very confident. You've to know who you are...

PS : Sorry for my english, I hope everybody will understand what I tried to write...


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