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I had a NDE and went down inside of the Earth to a prison that was made for the fallen angels of Genesis chapter six. The fallen angels that took Adams daughters and raped them and had children with them, later to become known as the giants.

All the prisoner angels that were there glowed in radiant neon colors. And I learned that the colors were a code system for the particular Law a spirit broke to place himself in that prison. A color code system.

The prison was the darkest place I have yet ever been to, and I could see nothing except for the glowing fallen angels.

The angels there had the bodies of snakes, scorpions, and spiders and they had the heads of their natural bodies which looked just like a human head.

I was never so scared in my life when one of the angels that glowed bright orange crawled down the wall of the cave and stopped right beside me and he said," I am going to torment you all the days of my life and make you miserable" and as he talked his face would contort and twist with what seemed to be the pain he was feeling.

At this time I knew it was time for me to try to escape. As I looked around for a way out I saw a thin beam of pure white light shining down through this cave and then I knew there must be a way out, and I put my hands over my face and called out to "God" to help me and I immediately flew right through the ceiling just as I had come into this place and went back up to my body on the surface of the earth and entered my body and woke up from the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

Needlessly to say that changed my life forever and since then It seems I have been discovering different gifts that are on the inside of all of us.
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