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Default Re: Understand what free energy really is... it's YOU!!!

I think I didn't make this thread understandable for everyone. Yes, indeed, I made this thread a little complicated. So I break it down some now.

It's pretty simple. You are your reality in everything you do and don't do. Do what ever you can to help make free energy "REALLY FREE" and do so everything day.

Compare free energy being like your own personal 100 million dollar lottery jackpot. You already have the winning numbers. All you have to do is collect what it rightfully yours! That's how important this all is. Except this same lottery jackpot is for our whole world and beyond (future generations, if man made time still exists then). Maybe think of free energy being more valuable than money, I dunno, what ever floats your boat right?

All I'm saying is that we all, all of us, can do so much more than just talk or fantasize about free energy here. We all can make it happen more sooner than latter. Talk about free energy to everyone you know each and every day. Evolve such "off line conversations" more and more everyday. What happens next may amaze you at some point. It's called, "The free energy dream is now a whole reality". This can only happen if you do things to help make it happen.

Everyone works in their own ways to make things in their lives happen. Making free energy be "free" for all people of earth shouldn't be any different.

Any more ideas or perspectives concerning all this? Please do post them here.

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