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Default I know their secret & its YOU!

Hello all,

The only way that I could explain is this secret is by posting a video I made about it. This is something that the majority of all videos out there fail to show us and it's extremely, maybe beyond important.

"They" (maybe government, black opts, low frequency beings) don't want you to know what I know and "they" are doing everything that they can to stop me from informing you of this secret.

In fact this video was almost removed from the internet until they found out that I had posted it on several different video websites and that I had already given it to several other people around the world, who also uploaded it to several video sites as well.

The crazy thing about it all is that this so called secret is something that many people around the world already know. The question is, "What are they doing about it?"

I do know for a fact that those who take the information from this video even further by evolving more of their awareness, they too may not only understand more but they may also have more options and possibilities that are amazing to say the least.

I know their secret & its YOU!

Kevin aka Clarity of Awareness
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