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Red face Re: some experiences

Hi Everyone,
I giver a short account of my experince with the unexplained.

1. Family connection of seeing orb and white witches.

2.As child seeing space ships with lots of different colours while staying on military instilation during school holidays in europe.

3. Experinced a epsiode while traveling in a car then some force took over the controls of the driver and proceeded to make the car move side to side and all over the road. I managed to run next to the car and swap seats with the driver and try to control the car but no luck and experinced missing time. The car was built in the early 80s and didnot have as many electrical gizmos as today vechicals.

4. Encounter with orbs and shadow mass moving across the wall and celling. It breathed into my ear and growelled.

5. Seen figures walk around and past the tv while on.

6. Seen small child like figure with big eye pop up while reading during the ealry hours of the evening.

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