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Default Re: some experiences

Regarding the loss of memory etc.

like i say now i can rember the conversation with stewardess perfectly.
but i dont know when that ended or what happend after that.
i cant really remenber landing,in the only thing i can remeber from the last part of the flight is filling in the imegration slip.

wait as i am writing this and trying to remember i had a flash back of sorts.

during the flight i moved up closer to the front of the plain to be closer to where the stewardess was sitting (between first and standard i think).
i have just remembered that while i was filling the imergration slip i was in a different seat.
i do not know how i got there.
the seat that i was in whilst i witnessed the orb was one of the ones with no seats in front by the emergancy exit.
later when filling in the slip i was in the middle of an isle.
i can know vividly remember this.
i cant remember moving between the two seats.

also he seat i was in during the first part of the flight was on the right side of the plain and the seat i was in whilst landing was in the middle isle.
i also cant remember much of the begining of the flight.

hopefully some of this will come back to me the more i try to remember.
maybe hypnosis will help?


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