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Default Re: some experiences

Thanks for the reply,s folks,
i was worried that people would reject my experiences out of hand.

i have been talking to my mother about my grandfather and she says that she knows for a fact he was an adviser to mageret thatcher in some respect but she wont go into details on that.
i do know that he was not allowed to tell his family what he did and his excuse for this was allways the official secrets act.

my mother says she was very embaressed that she did not know what he did while she was young becouse she could never tell people (teachers,freinds etc) what he did for a living.
she found this especialy dificult around my fathers parents who will tell you a little about shortly.

my mother lived with my grandparents in hong kong at some point during the 60,s.

i do not have contact with my grandmother for personal reasons that i wont go into and i have not talked to her for 7 years.
but my morher speaks to her every day and i would like see her again before she dies.
i will bring this up with her when i see her.

as for researching my grand father its a very good idea and not something i had considered.
i am not sure i should mention his name here however.
i will post here what i find out if anything.
also any advice on how to aproach this would be helpfull.

another matter i should bring up is about the other side of my family and some of you may find it interesting.

my fathers father was a very famouse historian and peace activist.
his name was E.P. Thompson (do a google search).
he was responsable for running the european campaign against nuclear disarmant (END) and (shock horror) was a member of the communist party until the late 50,s when he left over the invasion of hungary.
he kept hold of his far left veiws (allthough they changed quite a bit) until the day he died and as i am sure you can understand did not get on well with my other grand parents (you could two much more oppiste sides if you tried my mums family was far right my dads far left allthough i was brought up in a far left inviroment)

the interesting point about E.P. Thompson was how he died.

he was a very fit and healthy man most of his life until he went to america to teach history at harvard universty.
whist there he cought a minor illness and was hospitalised for a short period of time.
whilst in the american hospital he cought an unknown disese that was never diagnosed and resulted in his death a few years later.

the disease was simalar in many ways to leigonairs desease but this was never diagnosed.

it has been suggested by some that he was deliberetly infected with this illness becouse of his far left veiws and his active status as a anti nuclear activist.

one thing that has been mentioned is the fact he should have been refused entry to the U.S in the first place due to the fact the he was once a member of the comunist party.
why was he allowed into the country when his wife dorothy was refused entry at the time for once being a member of the comunist party?

i must point out that he was also a war hero and recived a victoria cross during world war two where he drove a tank.
his brother (major frank Thompson) died during world war 2 after he was dropped behind enemy lines to help the bulgarian partizans at the age of 23 (yes he made major rank by the age of 23).
his long story is also very interesting but the long and short of was that he was shot by the british (his own side) under very suspiciuos circumstances as non unifored combatitant (allthough he was in british uniform when shot).
you can google this as well but there is some dis information about his death and i for one have found it dificult to get to the truth about this.

i bring this up becouse it makes some interseting reading about how the agenda's of the "Allies" during world war two may well have more complex than it seems and may well have been the start of much of what we see now regarding how important information is kept from the public.

as regards E.P Thompson i personaly think he MAY have been assinated due to his veiws as his brother was.
there is no doubt that both edward thompson and major frank Thompson were comunists and maybe a little miss guided but i know for a fact that they had the best interests of humanity at heart.

major frank Thompson is recognised as a war hero in bulgaria and there is town by sofia named after him and it is interesting how different the bulgarian history is from the british history on the subject.

sorry i digress this has little to with my first post but i thought some may find this info intersting.

as for my unexplained experiences i intend investigate my mothers father to see if i can find out more i will also interveiw my grand mother on camera and see if she has info.

i am not sure if was "zapped" becouse i can remember the orb so clearly before a certain point but the fact i forgot about it for so long is interesting.

thank for reading my rant,

Joel Thompson.
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