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Cool Re: some experiences


Well, I don't remember the flashy-thing going off either, but what IS THAT strange thing?

There seem to be quite a large number of different Star visitors these days.

SOME of those craft are ours. The TR-3B and it's Technical evolutions are Space-capable, complete with Anti-Gravity drives and advanced cloaking technologies. These are usually seen as large Triangles, silent, hovering or moving at very high velocities with no sound or sonic boom.

Some reports say that our military has already gone out to the Stars with these machines. We can only speculate - WHO has followed them back to Earth.!?!


A short YouTube spot on the TR-3B...:

And here is a link to a PDF file which has info on many other Earth-made Craft, including historical records of those the Nazis were building and flying since the late 1930's...:


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