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Default some experiences

Hi there,
my first new thread on this forum so i understand if you dont take what i have to say for granted but these simple experiences may be of interest to some of you.

i will start with my limited experience of ufo sightings.
i must stress that to my knowlege i have never been ubducted or had direct contact with "ET's" but i have on several occasions seen interesting things that i can explian as an aircraft or a cellestial body etc (belive me i know what venus looks like).

i also have information from what to me is a very credable source for the existance of ufo,s and that the milatary and govenment are fully aware of there existance.

Right to start off with i talk about my limited eye witness accounts of seeing ufo,s.

the first one when i was 17 and i lived in swansea in wales.
in the summer we used to go and stay on the beech for the night whilst drinking and having a smoke.
whilst on one of these trips whilst camping under the stars (it was dusk at the time so we could see the head land easily) me and a few freinds saw a number bright "orbs" over three cliffs bay about 2-3 miles along from us (we were camping out on oxwitch bay.
we knew exacly how far away they were becouse they were dirctly abovethe three cliffs and we had a very good veiw of them.

these orbs were (there were about 6-7) circuling the haedland in a meaningfull manner and wre cris crossing eachother as they circled.
these light circled in this manner for about 2-3 minuits and then one by one disapeared.
i cant remember if they just disapeared or moved out of veiw at the time but i know we were very interested in what they were.
there were many explanations bandied about as to what they could be but to this day i have yet to find one that makes sense.(no it was not a helicopter).
i have to say that though it early evening we were allready a little stoned from smoking marjauana as kids do but in my experience canabis has never caused mass halucinations.
also the orbs sort of cycled through color from white light to a bright orange.

my next sighting came a few years later at the age of 23.
after a very messy break up with my current girfreind and (supposed) daughter at the time i had decided to go travaling.
i was intending on travaling the southern hemisphere and then to move on throuh indonesia/viatnam/india on my way home.
on the first plane flight from london heathrow to lax i had my most prolonged sighting and the one that still confuses me to this day.
as i am sure you know the flight from london to L.A. is about 12-13 hours so its pretty long.
it was also an over night flight so most people were sleeping.
at the time i was major trouble sleeping for reason i wont go into here and i could not sleep for the whole journey.
the air stewardess had taken a liking to me and had moved me to the front of the plane by them so we could talk and she could "look after me" (she was a lovely woman and very kind).
about 8-10 hours (i am a little fussy on some info)into the flight i noticed a very large "orb" about the size of the moon when its very close to earth was following along side of the plane to our right side.
at first i thought nothing of it and that it was probably the reflection of the sun on the moon (becouse it a bright orange sun set color).
the thing that got me interested at first was the fact that it ws moving with us.i could tell this becouse the clouds staying where they were but the "orb" was moving in relation to them.

i decided to point this out to the stewardess as i was at a loss as to what it was.
she came over and sat next to me and she had no idea what it was either.
we talked for a minuite or so before she decided to go and ask the captain of the plane (this was a british Airways 747 by the way).
she cam back a couple of later and she said something very interesting to me.

i quote what she said here now, she said " the captain has no idea what it is but it is not the moon or the sun (by this point the orb had moved to other side of the plane and since come back to the right side along with other movement that showed tis was not a fixed object in relation to us).
he suggests that try and forget about it and dont mention it to anyone"

at this point i cant remember any more.
i dont know if it shot off,disapeared etc etc.
all i can remember after that is filling the imergration forms,i dont remember landing or imergration.
i vaugly remember picking up my luggauge and getting in a cab to my hotel.

now this is the interesting bit.
from then on i forgot about the insident and dident even think about the plane trip at all untill 6 weeks later i arrived in the cook islands and someone mentioned what a pain the london -LA flight was.
i remember thinking wasent that a weird flight and a picture of the orb flashing in my head.
i thought nothing of it untill i returned home and all of a sudden the memory of the event came back to me.
while every thing after the captains message is still locked away every thing before is pretty clear now.
i cant help wondering what happend those couple of hours betwen seeing the orb and landing at LAX (and no i was not asleep i can be 100% sure of that).

anyway thats its for london -LAX encounter the next one i had after that was very mundain.

me and a freind were at a party last year (i was 32 then) and we out in the garden.
we were both talking and not looking at the sky or anything when we both were distracted by something.
we both looked round to see a streak of light shoot across the london sky and disapear in about 2 seconds.
neither of us saw anything before or after but we can not explain the streak of was simalar to what you would see if you saw a shooting star but larger and closer to the ground.
it also lated longer than the .5 of a second a shooter lasts for.
also the light polution in london means you can not see the satrs very well.

The next peice if info i would like to share ris regarding my grandfather.
he was quite strict man during my childhood but he changed dramaticaly during his last 5-10 years of life and became a wonderfull loving and open minded person.
My grandfather was a "civil servent" well that was we were told.
even my grandmother did not know what he actulaly did for a living whilst he was alive.
i do know that he traveled alot around the world with "work" and they spent most of the 60,s and early 70,s in hong kong.

now my grand father used to tell me bed time story,s (most of which i cant remember) but they allways used to be about super spy fly and his enemy vladivostock. and every night he would tell me the adventures of super spy fly and his adventures of saving the world from the evil vladivostock.
these story,s were increadably detailed.
anyway as i got older he stopped telling these but just before he died when i was about 20 we were talking and i asked him to tell me what he knew about ufo's.
he got very seriouse and said and i quote,
"i cant go into detail but we know that ufo's exist and they is a very strong chance that are not human in orogin, whatever any says i can tell you that ufo's are real.
this was not long before he died 1995.
after his death my mother did some reasearch into him becouse it turned out that he had had another family with his home office secutary.
what we found out was pretty interesting.
he was in fact an advisor to magerette Thatcher in what capacity this was we still dont know but we have a suspician he was something like espianage.
he also spent time during the war conducting secret governtment plans regarding d day and other operations and spent of the time conducting secret flights across the channel and gathering inteligence for the british.
he was a very conservative man but as i say become much more liberal in his final years.
as such i fully belive what he told me about the existance of ufo,s as he was a suspiciouse man.

another thing i should mention is that when they were in hong kong my grand mother to this day insists that she (and many other people) saw a ufo over hong kong.
her description to me was of a large dark black craft that was much larger than any aircraft we have hovering over hong kong before shooting of at a great speed.
now my grandmother is very conservative and has no time for "supersticious rubbish" and as such i belive her.
she also said that it was seen by most of hong kong and was reported in the papers the next day.
she is still alive and may well be a good person for any ufo researchers to interveiw.
i think she still has the newspaper articles from that day.

i know that all these thing are pretty circumstantual and i cant proove any of it but i thought some of it may be interesting to some of you and i have been wanting to tell of these things for a few years now.

i would love to hear from people that have story,s that link in with what i have said and i would welcome explinations for these experiences form anyone out there.

well thats all i have to say thakns for reading,

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