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Default Re: Pandemic Flu - Prevention and Treatment

To clarify, the series 3 kit contains:

Aconite in 3 levels 30c 200c 1m vials
Aconite 1m
Ant T 30c
Kali Sul 30c
Ars Alb 30c 200c 1m
Arnica 30c
Merc S 30c
Bapt T 30c 200c 1m
Asc Tub 30c
Phos 30c
Bella 30c 200c 1m
Campho 30c
Puls 30c
Bryonia 30c 200c 1m
Carbo V 30c
Sang 30c
Eup Per 30c 200c 1m
China 30c
Sulpher 30c
Gels 30c 200c 1m
Euphor 30c
Nux V 30c 200c 1m
Euph Off 30c
Pyro 30c 200c 1m
Ferr Pho 30c
Rhus T 30c 200c 1m
Ipecac 30c

in a hard plastic container w/secure slots for each vial, w/a booklet remedy guide.
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