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Default Being touched during an OBE

Ive been practicing meditation in order to to have an OBE for a month or so, but actually, today I remembered an experience that happened only last month (before I actually tried to have an OBE).
I was in Cairo and it was actually the day after id been inside the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid. Whether or not that is a factor in this story or not is anyones guess but I will say the experience I had isnt something ive experienced before (or at least remember)

When it happened I was unaware of the OBE phenomina and passed it off as a dream (a very real dream).

I was sleeping in the front room of my friends apartment, on a sofa bed. During what im now describing as an OBE I was stood up and being touched by someone. I was just stood there letting it happen.
When I woke up I felt violated, but just put it to the back of my mind as nothing but a very real dream.

The more I read about other ppls experiences the more I think it was something more than just my imagination

Am I overreacting or did some interdimensional being molest me in my sleep?

Peace, Love and cake
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