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Default Re: My Lucid ET Experiences : You be the judge...

hi. this is one i had a few months ago. been having them for years. unfortunately i can't always hold onto all the dtails for long after i wake up

I was sitting in my house, (which wasn't my farm house, but one in town I've dreamt about before. I have a couple of these in various locations). for some reason I went outside and looked up. flying overhead, partly obscured by clouds, was a huge blue and silver disk, flanked by maybe twenty smaller craft. as I called to my friend to come and see what was happening, it moved some distance to the north behind some hills. (we don't have many hills out here) in the background we could hear radio and tv news reorts of a strange object.

a cloud billowed up from behind the hills suddenly and some sort of pinpoint DEW lanced across the countryside. I could only see a haze for the beam, but its path was clearly visable, right through my house, only about 10cms wide. I turned to run and all of a sudden I was back out the front of the house. one of the smaller craft was moving above the street.

above it there was a point of orange light surrounded by a swirling black mist which expanded and solidified as we watched. a second later objects began to pour out. hundreds of disabled planes. as if all the planes in the sky had been gathered up and were being dropped onto the ground. one hit my house and I took shelter inside it. strangly it was empty. totally gutted. as soon as I noticed this, something else fell on top and crushed part of the plane. again I ran, through several backyards, but some force called me back into the house. the small craft was shooting all over the place, and kept changing shape. this time I wasn't quick enough and the beam took my right leg off mid thigh.

next thing I know, i'm sitting in the wreakage with my leg healed, sorrounded by figures. some human, some hooded and one talking to me that kept changing shape and colour. orange sticks in my mind. he was holding something like a torch made of blue material in his right hand. the only thing I can remember being told was the importance of the word 'bluebeam'. then I woke up.
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