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Default Re: The Great Gathering Together 'Truth' Circles

Originally Posted by Gathering of the Minds View Post
This event sounds excellent and I hope you will all connect with The Great Gathering .org, Miriam Delicado, myself an ever growing network of gatherers around the worlds.. Synchronizing all the meditations in a common space will help! Peace and thanks,
Hi Bill,

I think now's the time for action.
Project Avalon has reported and published a lot of crucial information.
I think we need to act on it.
Our world seems to be controlled by a few people who are quite insane.
A few hundred million people have known this fact for several years.
Getting together in Talking Circles and seeing what we can do about the state of the world now seems to be the thing to do.

Re Meditation.
I'm not sure how you use that word.
A long time ago I used to do TM. The programme I was doing then took up two or three hours, twice a day. Then I met some TMers (missionaries of divine light) who said they 'meditated' 24 hours a day. They used the principles of TM and transcendence - going past anything in the mind which holds us (trips us up) .... so they sat down and 'meditated' for zero time. Their daily life was a meditation... and they were free to get on with 24 hours a day of living. I stopped setting aside special time for meditating, and moved across to action.

I think now's the time to pass the talking stick, make connections with others, form networks, and get some good ideas and plans going. In talking circles, we can clarify our own thoughts, and that gives us strength.

Great wishes - Peace - Michael
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