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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Thanks thetechguy for all your info. I read it awhile ago, but haven't had a chance to respond. I've been real busy since I've arrived in Sedona. A lot of what you said I knew already or I just recently researched myself (as in transformers) but most of it is an excellent reminder for me as we all get caught up in tangents, especially your second post. I would really like you to stay involved. Posting on YouTube would be of real help as I feel that's where the discussion/collaboration is really going to take off.

However, since Avalon #1 is coming down, and I have no interest in participating in PA2, discussion can continue on the Mists of Avalon in the Free Energy section ( and also on YouTube.

I have still been keeping up on my research, and plan on making an octedheral type II coil, as I made a type I previously. The first runs on DC, the second on AC, and I have decided to go the alternating current route. I have also designed a theoretical new antenna based purely on the phi ratio as displayed below.

As many can see, this is directly related to the Christian Cross. Each segment is divided at the phi ratio (1.618). It's a 2D fractal form of the divine section essentially. In 3D, the cross would be pointing in all six directions, now just four. That means there would only be one central access as pictured but the side segments would be replicated into all four directions which would by lined up to the cardinal points and then planted, just like a tree. The lower section of the cross represents the root system and would ground the antenna. The idea is to tune into the Schumann resonance of the earth, most likely a harmonic/overtone as 7.83hz is a very low frequency, and use it to power a rodin coil. However the rodin coil as it's a toroid is a perfect dipole transmitter which can than rebroadcast the signal for the antenna to recollect (It creates a localized vortex). The system will basically keep charging itself from whence charge can be eventually drained out. I plan to use the octahedral coil in the system hopefully to keep amping up the voltage to increase the efficiency.
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