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Default Re: Ask an Astrobiologist FAQ

Me..... I don't believe NASA .... The contractors have all the REAL
good stuff.... tucked away... Why was Otis Carr disgraced...?

James Parsons Labs changed to [JPL] Jet Prop. Labs... [hiding]

Until recently, you could have gotten people that worked for these
contractors to come on; for what they did for these companies....
FOIA's might help a little, but only to find out What contractor
was given the data... NASA is running a dead program.... But,
getting money for it.... Once again, see the movie "The Long
Kiss Good Night" Gina Davis; I've always liked her... Good actress
Knew when to get out.... She " gets it "....

My turn to ask a question.... Where did the people of paperclip go
to what companies. Who wrote their checks it wasn't the gummit.

Why are there White sand in NM.... Where did it come from ?
What is the name of the town North of Holloman AFB....?
What does it translate into in english ? Where is trinity.....

Has Dr. Lerma helped any of that area pass.....? I bet....
Any from NASA's contractors pass.....? I bet

I don't trust NASA.... And, I trust the contractors even less....


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