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Default Government Stimulus Just Props Up a Very Weak System

1/11/10 Ron Paul interviewed by Don Imus

On Monday, Congressman Paul was interviewed on Imus in the Morning concerning health care reform and government's reaction to the economic crisis. Prior to the interview, Imus played one of Dr. Paul's favorite songs, "Universal Soldier."

VIDEO (6:25):

VIDEO (4:26):

Not sure if this a first for Ron Paul, but he can use all the press he can get.

"Ron Paul's ideas no longer fringe"

With the economy still struggling, the lawmaker's libertarian views are getting serious attention.

Posted by Matt Hawes on 01/04/10 12:02 PM

The Los Angeles Times' Don Lee takes a look at the growing popularity of Ron Paul's economic ideas, both outside of the beltway and within.

Reporting from Washington - For three decades, Texas congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul's extreme brand of libertarian economics consigned him to the far fringes even among conservatives. Not a few times, his views put him on the losing end of 434-1 votes on Capitol Hill.
No longer....

Read the rest:,6923745.story

What a difference a year can make! Thanks again for working so hard to spread the message of economic freedom. Here's to even greater success in the New Year!

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