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Default Re: Motion Picture Story Rights, Book Deal & Lots of Products

I have uniquely solved Lost the TV show... My theory is the only one like it, and of particular interest to spiritual people.

Here is a summary and discussion on of the the Lost fan sites.

It's a "sure thing" that my theory is correct, I think.

And if it is, if it proves to be, I am the person unique in the world as far as I know, to have soled Lost.

That along with my "Celestine Prophecy" story should make for an enormous splash on global consciousness...

I wouldn't need help, except part of the story is that I got crippled, and I am partially disabled, in trauma...

Despite the unambiguous multiple millennial signs and wonders from the Goddess, almost no one has lifted a finger or helped me...

I have a court case, that could be famous, New Age Messiah vs. 6/6/6

On and on... Thanks.
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