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Default Re: Bloodline insider speaks out!

Originally Posted by Edward Alexander View Post
And someone asked me to rephrase what I was explaning in another way to clarify what I meant, and here is my response to that person:

Well I only retold what I was told by an astral Master, it was quite complex and hard to explain but I tried my best =)

But yeah, that's how I got it, there are alternate versions of ourselves in alternate (parallel) worlds/dimensions (whatever you want to call it). And each of them contain a soul-fragment, or astral body and various other energy bodies, which is connected to the "true" soul (or "higher soul"). I would say it goes a bit further up than our "higher self", as our "higher self" is basically being aware of the highest aspect of our current incarnation here and being our best in this single plane and do not neccessarly include the knowledge of these "other selves". And yes they are unique, and they consist of all time-frames, meaning past, present and future, in other words all earlier incarnations and future reincarnations is out there already enfolding their experiences and existence on their own, without general knowledge of the other selves and this fact (?) which all gradually develop towards the Oneness with the Higher Soul, or True Self - and once that is reached, all of these alternate versions of oneself will merge with ones Higher Soul and become th Oneness and progress towards further development, understanding and insights, as well as experiences on a higher level of existence. I guess you can say the "Higher Soul" is the "host", and all the alternate versions of ourselves down "here" (on the lower planes) are the "clients". Sort of like a tree, it has branches with many leaves, and at certain points such as winter the tree (host) will suck in all its resin so the leaves withers and falls of and dies, yet the tree itself stays alive. So, in that sense, you can compare your body here with that of a leaf of a tree, a leaf that is not aware of the tree it is connected to, and at a certain point the life force will be sucked out of the leaf (you) and back to the tree (higher soul) and become one again. But it do not sprout new leaves (bodies) but instead evolves to another state of being (The Higher Soul as Oneness).

Sorry if my explanation is not the best but it was quite complex and hard to put into words so I try use some metaphors to perhaps make it more understandable (?)

Best wishes,
Edward Alexander
Mr Alexander, that was well said. I resonate with you and your experience
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