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Default Re: Are Moderators Moderating?

Originally Posted by trainedobserver View Post
One thing that is certainly missing from this forum is the moderation of posts that promote dangerous medical frauds. Either through ignorance or just sheer gullibility some people are promoting highly questionable individuals and their useless and possibly dangerous products.
That's ridiculous. People talk here about what works, doesn't, ideas, new products, non-GMO, pro-alt, all sorts of things like harmonics, love vibes, whatever. What's "dangerous" about it? For goodness sake, commercial milk in the USA is dangerous and it's on the shelves. Usually forums have guidelines about products that its members promote, but ... people sell products and services. Why not network a bit? Here, I think here's been a corner for commercial activities. When people's work/livelihood is posted, I tend to think some members like it and some don't.

What I'm saying is "dangerous medical frauds" can be ... what? difficult to define. Are you going with FDA kind of opinions? It's the internet, all buyer beware?... are you banning vitamins?
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