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Default Re: Understand what free energy really is... it's YOU!!!

One probably very important factor to consider is that we may not have much time to take this to far. Unless we're more our natural telepathic being, rather than us being online junkies. Because it's highly possible that the internet and many other things could go do sometime soon, I dunno.

First I'd like to know if anyone here agrees or disagrees to the following.

1) Your an eternal unlimited being
2) Your constant change can help our world be a better place as a whole
3) All reality is also one or oneness

Next comes the challenging part. Well, not so challenging unless you believe otherwise.

Basically, we all "are" our reality in what ever ways we feel comfortable. Maybe if we all put our heads together we could "be" the change that we want to see in the world (Mahatma Gandhi). Even though we all exist due to such truths already. What I meant by "challenging part" is that some people may or may not believe that they are being their whole reality.

For example, I believe that it's also our imagination which is the key to all realities or parallel realities, if you like. The more I allow any reality being my physical reality experience then so shall it soon be. Yet time has nothing to do with it.

In other words, how far down the rabbit hole, in the name of free energy are you willing to go? Believe me, there is more to all this than meets the eye and the more people involved the better. Now's that the first stage has been cleared for take off ; )

2nd stage of this experience concerns setting up the parallel reality in order for us and those like minds to exist it. It's not that complicated either. Because those who don't believe and those who don't care and especially those who will stop at nothing to stop us... they'll all just continue existing in those same realities. All while our reality of a really "FREE for all FREE energy" will exist as well, except we'll experience it all as our whole reality.

If anyone thinks this being a joke then that to can be their reality experience as well. Careful in just how much of a joke you think I and others involved here are. For every reality you experience are nothing more than your desired realities. Because all reality is perfection and with perfect comes desire for such. You can only continue processing any desired reality for so long before it actually becomes, like "suddenly becomes" your whole reality existence. Then while being that reality you may decide, at some point in man made time that you should leave it for another reality that has more free energy in use.

If so you may find it difficult getting there. Where as in this reality, being your current reality, you have me and others like me to help you. No, I am not here to ever decline anyone their rightful desired reality existence. I'm just explaining things based on my own experience. It's late and I must go, but please ask any questions so that we can get this off the ground and running. I've been waiting over 30 years for this and my higher self says it's a definite opportunity to better our world.

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