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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Originally Posted by purpledove View Post
Sincronicity is amazing isn't it?
Thank you for sharing...
Wonderful story and no we are not loosing our minds... its all real and we are begining to have glimpses of our true origins and families...

I already posted the link on this blog and I think you should watch the video on Arcturians it may have an effect on you
Arcturians are of the color violet...the home world is... well... please watch the following video and please come back to tell me what you think...
WOW WOW WOW !!! Thanks so much for that link. This is so spot on you have absolutely no idea. After my experience which I was relating in my forst reply I went to google earth and used the star map and searched for this place, guess what. I said to my partner "It's the Bootes system". I left it at that thinking it was an overactive thyroid speaking !!!! I never for once realised that there were Arcturians, or that they even existed. This has all been happening over the last 6 months and getting stronger all the time.

Thank you Purpledove. I am so happy I stopped in at this thread, what a blessing. A quick question, are the Natvive Americans connected to this group because there are so many synchronicities in my life regarding these people. Just for the record, I do not have some romantic predisposition about them, it's just that I will do image manipulations of photographs I take and then later on find exact replicas of what I have done in their mandalas and or artwork, way to close to be accidental. My first avatar was one such image where I had taken a pic of myself and manipulated only to find many months later that it was an exact replica of a native American rain god.

Love Light and Peace

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