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Default Re: Who are the Star Children and Adults??

Originally Posted by DOMINIC 777 View Post
Hi purpledove
Can you tell where this place is or something about the features...
I will share one of my most memorable experiences... This as mentioned earlier was MORE vivid than normal waking life.

I woke up from a total black void to find myself standing before the most magnifiscent horizon I have ever seen... there was someone next to me on my right, but I was so mezmerized by the sight and focused on what I was seing, I really did not pay attention to who was standing next to me... but I am quite certain it was my Arcturian guide, for he is often the one to take me places...
So the magnifiscent horizon of a pristine amazonian like forest.. and to the right was a small mountainside with a small lake at the bottom. the side of the mountain was beautifully carved it was sooo beautiful...
There were symbols and carvings on the facade... clearly not of Earth.
I looked in awe and wondered how this temple was inside... and in an instant found myself inside. looking out the "window" openings which really had no glass or anything but were just open. the view was exactly the oposite. me inside looking at the view ad horizon.
The inside of the temple was beautiful with marble like materieal and a fountain resembling ancient roman or greek in style. It had 3 levels and water flowing.
gain the water was holy... even though I am not religious at all, I knew the water of the fountain and that of the lake was holy water...
the colors were very vibrant and the Light was incredible.
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