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Default Re: Pleasures of Life


SEE, NOW YOU DID IT... Oh, I'm a fruit lover... Honey and Cinnamon lover too

It's raining here in Arizona... Second day of it... It must be down to 55 F degree's...

I even turned on the heat... [Rare in deed...] Now... I've GOT to go out in it

I'm out of Strawberries... N' you've done it to me, my sweet Celine....

You terrible, terrible, lady.... You showed ME a picture toooo... That's what

pushed me over the edge.... You and Me girl.... I'll be right back. MMMmmmm.

Trooly, a Wink on this one,


Originally Posted by CÚline View Post
As i sit here this morning, in the back of my flower shop, i am enjoying a simple yet exquisite pleasure from Mother earth...

Fresh Strawberries with wild flower honey...


it senses come alive as the sweet and tart (out of season berries are like that) mix in my mouth...i hesitate to i can engage the taste again...


Pleasure..surround yourself with is a healthy thing to do

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