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Thumbs up Re: Mr. X has Passed Away!

Originally Posted by SplatPantZ View Post
OMG! Can't believe it!

Now you know Mr X.

All the best to you.
My love to you and your family x.
Maybe the 'Good' thing was his passing? Perhaps he was hopelessly out of kilter in this severely dysfunctional world? Perhaps he can be happier and do more of Creation's work from that dimension he's on? We need not feel bad he has passed. When one passes it is the Greatest gift! Yes the ones left behind may not immediately share this perspective, of course. They firmly lose the connection for a time, but eventually they will realize, that they can be closer now, that their loved one is transitioned. When you make the leap you NEVER lose yourself, not for one moment. For those out of kilter with this broken level of awareness. Ultimate joy and freedom await us all! One never fell 'bad' on a passing. Indeed a celebration would be more apt with the event. Indeed all who pass are waiting at 'the top of the Tube' for our arrival. All we love will be our family for eternity. We will never 'lose' each other. I can assure you of that. There are no accidents, and we can not second guess Creation. Tiny ants we are, with a severely limited 'view' of 'Reality'.
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