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Default Re: There is only one thing to think about

Something New that each individual realizes is a contribution they can make that uses the entire force of their essence of being to make a difference…

LOVE is what puts the universe back TOGETHER
NOW is time to RE-Member
There is no better place to go
Your heart is the safest place there this
Do'nt think twice about saying to some ONE you love them
Say it NOW and always
Be the love that you want to share
Love is your foundation
Love is who you really are
Love is space
Love is infinity
Love is light
Love is NOW
Love is the way
Love is the SOL-ution
Love is your freedom
Love for all that IS
ALL that is
Love is ONEness
I can't think of any better moment to outpour a " massive coronal expulsion " of LOVE
Now and always and forever


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