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Default Re: Leave Fear Behind

Most often fear arises within oneself from a chronic habit of holding a "self-pity" attitude towards oneself in response to the disappointments that come with dualistic thinking. Much has been said about "dualistic" - but in simple terms it's good vs. bad, right vs. wrong, black vs. white thinking. And with clarity we say - everything is relative within it's context.

One person's "black" is another persons "white" when it relates to a situation, concept or form. So disappointment in this way is natural. And often this leads to ego's frustration, resentment, anger and we justify this to ourselves with a "self-pity" attitude.

Through this habitual filter of the self - subjective fear arises. (not primordial). Ponder this as an example to a path of self-discovery > what if I told you the "Illuminati" is you?

By examining one's own mind - fear can be dissolved.


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