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Dear seashore,

Well, we are a group of people who started Finlands economic democracy movement out of public need that was here. Some years ago a Finnish economist Lars Ísterman started to keep a noise about the need of economic
reform in our monetary system and enough people get intrested.

So 10.10.2009 we registered Economic Democracy movement here in Finland and ever since we have kept growing noise here.
Example this saturday we have in Helsinki (Finlands capital) a program which is meant for people intrested and so on...

Since there is a need of education we have also started
and are collecting material there as well as our youtube channel.
You could say that as a movement we have just started......

Our present day monetary system and people behind it are really
like the Wizards of Oz since they are never in headlights and news
only their patchys are.

Monetary system is not so difficult to understand as "experts" and "authoritys" try to make us belive.
Fact that how money is created and thus controled is not teached in schools
and universitys except for small minoraty of people who take the precent day practice as a natural law of nature. There is nothing wrong here they say !

But there is...

Ups and downs in economy are not natural phenomen like summer and winter,
They are orchestrated by monetary wizards to buy something valuable with
penny and move real wealth to their pocet.

Anyway, so much to say but i like to keep it simple..

Here is our link found C.H.Douglas page there and so on...
(this page is temporay... and mainly Finnish..)

Love and peace
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