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Originally Posted by Kundaflower View Post
Dear Seashore,

I am so happy to found Cooks ideas here !
If you are hardcore in this i may recommend works by Ellen Brown, C.H.Douglas and Michael Rowbotham which are quite similar as Cooks but with some modifications..
I'm familiar with Ellen Brown. C.H. Douglas and Michael Rowbotham are new names for me. I will look them up.

Originally Posted by Kundaflower View Post
Personally i think that creating money and controling it by same powers
are really the biggest issue we should face as humanity.
I think you're absolutely right! It isn't for the love of money at all. It's the fact that it's needed for survival and the people, not private bankers, need to be in control of it.

Originally Posted by Kundaflower View Post
We have here in Finland started Economic Democracy movement (as in many other contries have ) and the idea is increace general knowledge how economy really works and by doing so start to make difference....

Love and peace
I would be interested in hearing more about your Economic Democracy movement in Finland.
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