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Dear Seashore,

I am so happy to found Cooks ideas here !
If you are hardcore in this i may recommend works by Ellen Brown, C.H.Douglas and Michael Rowbotham which are quite similar as Cooks but with some modifications..

Personally i think that creating money and controling it by same powers
are really the biggest issue we should face as humanity.

We need urgently change our worldwide monetary system and there has been
really good alternatives to present day mumbojumbo economy in history, unfortunately they all have been pressed down by no others than our banking
familys and their a..lickers..

With their power to create money and deside who will get it has twisted
our society in a unpeasent way.

About economic democracy...

Idea is take money creating power away from privite banksters
and do it by sovereign coverments it self.
This money would be intrest free and lessens to need for taxing people
so much.
Banks could continue lending money but only for against real savings
in bank.

Money that coverment creates would be used its infrastructure running and paying citizens monthly dividend as money or as vouchers according Cook.
Idea is secure peoples buying power regardless will they work or not.
This is really big issue for some to swallow...

So there are many really great things we can do to better our society
for people to be more free to express their creative human nature...

I know that many countries people are awakening in economic matters
as part of general awakening and awareness that run in our planet.
We have here in Finland started Economic Democracy movement (as in many other contries have ) and the idea is increace general knowledge how economy really works and by doing so start to make difference....

Love and peace
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